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Our sessions are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate individuals at every fitness level.

At 1WayFit, we have a deep passion for health and fitness, and our mission is to assist people in achieving their diverse goals, whether it involves weight loss, muscle building, or simply learning proper exercise techniques.

Our 1-1 Personal Training is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you’re seeking a personal trainer who will diligently support you in reaching your fitness goals, look no further than 1WayFit.

We firmly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with a strong and fit body. Your fitness aspirations hold immense importance to us as your personal trainers. We understand that weight loss and muscle gain can be challenging, and our role is to guide you in overcoming these obstacles to attain your desired goals.

At 1WayFit, we tailor exercise programs precisely to your individual needs and objectives, providing continuous guidance throughout your fitness journey. By analysing factors such as your body type, metabolism, and BMI, we customise fitness plans that suit you best. Whether you prefer bodyweight training, boxing, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guidance, 1WayFit offers solutions to cater to all your fitness aspirations.

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