Group Sessions

Our high-intensity group sessions are designed to elevate your fitness to new heights.

Group Sessions: push yourself to the maximum limits

Participating in group sessions can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Not only do they provide an excellent opportunity to push yourself to the maximum limits, but also witnessing others working hard serves as great motivation. Group sessions cater to various groups, such as couples, siblings, work colleagues, or boot camps, making them a versatile fitness option. To ensure individual attention, our group sessions are limited to a maximum of 10 people per session, allowing the coach to closely focus on each participant.

Our high-intensity group sessions are designed to elevate your fitness to new heights. We concentrate on enhancing cardiovascular fitness, building strength, and improving overall conditioning. Through this dynamic session, you’ll burn calories and develop lean muscle. The one-hour workout includes a combination of boxing exercises, bodyweight workouts, endurance training, mobility and flexibility exercises, as well as power and explosive training. The best part is that no equipment is needed – the focus is solely on pushing your body to its limits!

Other Sessions

Special Needs

For many years, we have been dedicated to training both kids and adults with special needs.

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Online Training

Online training is for individuals who struggle to make progress on their fitness journey in traditional gyms or those who frequently travel but still desire to stay committed to training

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I believe that engaging a child in physical activity from an early age is one of the most beneficial actions a parent can take.

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